Building the internet of payments

Who we are

We are committed to revolutionizing international remittances. Our aim is to provide a cheap, fast and transparent way to send money back home.

What we do

Our Interledger Technology connects various blockchain ledgers in a smart way. This allows us to find the most efficient path between ledgers and create a totally new way of transfering money. Middlemen of any kind are left out of the equation completely.


Julian Schulz

Co-Founder, Business Development

Julian's expertise are in business creation & development, strategy and marketing. Prior to Julian worked for the Head of Mobility Services of Mercedes-Benz. He has experience in the development of innovative fintech solutions through his work at GFT Technologies SE. He is responsible for business development. Julian´s vision is to bring interoperability and scalability into the world of digital wallet providers.


Ernest Eze

Co-Founder, Finance & Operations

Ernest is experienced in the area of fintech operations. Prior to Ernest worked in the corporate M&A department of GFT Technologies SE on national and international transactions. Prior to that he gained work experience in M&A advisory and private equity. Ernest is responsible for the areas finance and operations.


Martin Lowinski

Co-Founder, IT

Martin is passionate about the topics around blockchain, interledger and interoperability. Prior to he worked as an independent contractor in software engineering for eight years. He has gained experience in the development of innovative IT solutions through his work and research with IBM and Robert Bosch. He currently leads the technology development efforts at


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The project is funded under the EXIST program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the European Social Fund (ESF).